Actual feeling of sleeping over the time.

Being one of the worst AF6 car and possibly interesting pain~job. This model that is practically,
interesting pickup for just out of curiousity and example of how you should not make your All's Fair™ car.

Body based on the dust mite, paintjob is made as much possibly hallucinating as possible, while keeping weird complex (you can call it suplex) of "unusual aspects" that are overwhelming the actual paintjob.
Overslept, as the name rings the bell in your head to wake you up, is rather underwhelming in terms of the actual look. Vomit over the rainbow-like base of the body, makes this car look pretty much unfinished and awful.
„I mean look at this and look at nice looking cars such as that green and well balanced one, which one is gonna take your heart?“

As well as paintjob, the performace is really upsetting.
While it does reach speed of 178 kph at test course (I duuno it could possibly be up to 287 kph if that calculate car stats thingy is accurite, but this one really doesn't reach that top speed on normal tracks it's like one of those never ending nightmares that doesn't want to reach the end).
However "acceleration is depressing" would be suitable call for one of the main issues of this car.
What is even more unfortunate is it's turning abilities.
Unlike cars like RC Crack and such simular All's fair category of cars, this one is real definition of "Oh Lawd How Do i Turn".

At high velocity and speed this one turns like.... like..... ehm.... have you ever consider how does it feel to be a cat, that was strangled and everyone was beating it everytime it tried to go around the corner? if yes then you are familiar with how this car works.

If that is not enough how about mindblowing turning what i personally call "The Reverse Turner". Or you could call it: dizziness over.
It special ability of "break and left to turn right"™. (There is no better way how to discribe it, is it?)
In english, In "full speed, if you want to turn, you have actually break and turn in opposite direction that you want to go to actually turn to the direction you want to go.

It's speciality is (as useless as it possibly can be) is actual wallriding. You can scale the wall and and drive in "Rotato FaSTer banawall". However this technique is pretty much dumb to do and not worth it
In actual race, only if track containts high and long rideable walls, such as freestoyle 2 and such

Also do you think that i'm done here and i'll soonly end my speech?

Down to the pit of downsides if you like cars that when you bump into the wall to wallbang then they act like little frog and starts to slide and jump away? Do you like jazz? I do? Perhaps i should warn you that you should be careful with the gas when you flip'n'repo it has that weirdass effect where the car wants to go on it's own kind of thing, also you should not "steer and gas" at the same time when this cas zero movement...
Things could get messy you know~
Do you believe in yourself? You Should~
But do you really wanna try this car~
I have to give you one last warning about this car
This car can mess with your mindset if you are not careful. Even know i sometimes to some idiotic movement because i my brain thinks oversleepish.

Oh~ Ye~ So overall summary of this car...
1) It may be interesting to just try it once or twice.
2) If you are thinking of entering to next All's fairs and such, take this car as example of bad parameters for competition
3) adding spinner and increasing aerial is not always an good idea
4) Never try to mess with paintjobs, creating a topic for your car's paintjob may gonna help you processed in making it.
5) If you are feeling on creating meme car, do it right, and don't overdo it otherwise you may actually fudge more things up than fix, good thing to note is that you should not make a car for quick laugh and then suffer through the entire tournament. Trust me you don't want to suffer!
6) Do i speak spanish? Si
7) Never make fun of weird translated signs. They are evil and will hunt your soul with the thing that's called "karma"
8) Fun fact i'm starving while writing this
9) Teasing is fun, if you are on the winning side of the smug
10) If i would get 1€ for every fudge up i made on this car and in entire AF6, then i could possibly buy myself around like 537 Doughnuts (± 30,57 doughnuts)
And yes this might be the end of this line

About copyrights
„it's bloody dust mite's repaint what else you wanna do with it“
In any case, just leave it be, this one doesn't need to be repainted, save yourself for actual paintjobs.
Also don't use those parameters on/for your own creation, it's not worth it.
And it would be embrrassing for you to claim this thing as your own, you can do it better and nicer just do your best and try to make cute little car that everyone would love~

And this is truly the end of this saga
Thank you for coming to my ted talk

(Also one last note,for the love of god, you should not use this as for your english class's essays, i know it's huge)